Icarus visits Brent Citizens

This week we had Paul from Icarus to come and visit Brent Citizens. We organised for him to spend some time with the Ark students, the Al-Khoei students, with Ms. Jaffar our star Y2 Al-Khoei teacher who is leading on the City Safe work in Queen’s Park. Paul also came and met with the Crest girls to evaluate the work they have been involved with and he is going to Pastor Wayne at New Testament Church of God for a one to one meeting.

It’s great to be able to show the work we are doing in Brent. I think it makes a huge difference to actually come and meet the people, to hear their stories and learn directly from the people themselves about what they get out of North London Citizens. The next opportunity will be the London Citizens Mayoral Assembly where we will be doing some real politics on stage in front of 2,500 people who are passionate about making London a safer, better housed, better paid and more opportune city.


About Sophie, North London CITIZENS

I am a Senior Community Organiser at CITIZENS UK. I work as the Brent Organiser as part of the North London CITIZENS alliance. With Ark Academy, we are running a Neighbourhood Challenge to build an alliance of civil society institutions in Brent who want to work together to make change for the common good.
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