Crest Academy clean up their community!

Today we had our Crest Litter Action! It was amazing. The students have been working really hard in the build up and taking a real role in the organisation and delivery of the action.

40 students gathered at lunchtime today to be involved in our ‘Litter Pick’. We held a briefing (not the best briefing in the world as we had to do it out in the car park which was too noisy) and divided up into teams. The Youth Forum girls had organised for each team to be given a specific location, some giant bin bags, gloves to protect their hands, a litter-picker and some leaflets about the work of London Citizens and the upcoming Mayoral Election.

The teams, dressed in their bright green North London Citizens t-shirts and Crest Academy jackets marched down to Neasden shopping centre to clean up the streets. It’s all been part of our campaign to make the streets a safer place in Neasden and boy was this litter collection necessary!

In just one hour the students filled TWENTY big bags full of litter. It was amazing, that in a stretch of just one kilometre we were able to pick up so much rubbish – we found beer cans, vodka bottles, fast food packaging and crisp packets. Some of the litter was covering people’s front gardens, it was throughout the lane by the school that students use everyday and it was all over the Neasden shopping centre. This is one big step for these incredible students in their mission to build community respect and make the streets a safer place to be.

 We walked back to school, carrying all the bags of rubbish that we had collected and disposed of it in a school skip. It was a triumph of young people making a visible difference to their community. It was also a chance for the Crest Academy Girls who were mostly Y10 to work side-by-side the Crest Academy Boys who were mostly Y8. Through our shared work, we have now increased the size of the North London Citizens at the school because young people felt so inspired in their work together.



About Sophie, North London CITIZENS

I am a Senior Community Organiser at CITIZENS UK. I work as the Brent Organiser as part of the North London CITIZENS alliance. With Ark Academy, we are running a Neighbourhood Challenge to build an alliance of civil society institutions in Brent who want to work together to make change for the common good.
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