100 Days of Peace

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that as part of our City Safe work in Brent we are working with all the other London Citizens boroughs to launch ‘100 Days of Peace’. It’s a campaign to make the streets a safer place to be in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics. It comes from the Ancient Greek tradition of laying down their arms to allow the solders to travel safely to and from the Games to compete. We are going to revive this tradition but giving it a modern context to tackle the gang violence on the streets of London.

So to launch the 100 Days of Peace we are going to host huge City Safe celebrations of our work to build relationships with shopkeepers and get institutions taking care of their neighbourhoods. There are three City Safe zones developing in Brent – Wembley Park/Neasden which is being run by Ark and Crest Academy, Queen’s Park which is being run by the London Interfaith Centre and the Al-Khoei Foundation and Willesden High Road which is being run by New Testament Church of God. This week Ascala and Josephine, from New Testament went to join 50 others London Citizens members to discuss and plan June 9th.

As well as the City Safe Day of Action on June 9th, we are running a leadership programme for young people from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish tradition. The aim is to build better relationships across the different communities through shared action over the summer. Four Al-Khoei students are part of the planning committee for the 100 Days of Peace Summer Leadership Programme. Lamise, from the Al-Khoei Foundation chaired the last planning meeting and I’m really excited about their wonderful ideas around interfaith work, local community action and using sports to bring people together. It’s still early days but this will become a fantastic opportunity for young people from diverse backgrounds to train together and work collaboratively on local issues that affect their communities. We are now looking to organise the 100 people from communities across London who will part of the scheme.


About Sophie, North London CITIZENS

I am a Senior Community Organiser at CITIZENS UK. I work as the Brent Organiser as part of the North London CITIZENS alliance. With Ark Academy, we are running a Neighbourhood Challenge to build an alliance of civil society institutions in Brent who want to work together to make change for the common good.
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