Challenge Prize

Win up to £20,000 to implement your ideas for change!

The NESTA Challenge Prize is an opportunity for local community groups to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to tackle one or more of the following key priorities which have been identified by Brent members of North London Citizens:

1. Street Safety
2. Poor Transport
3. Building Community Relationships

The Challenge Prize will be judged on how it brings about practical change, builds new relationships across Brent and develops teams of people to take a leadership role in their own community.



The Challenge Prize is a total of £20,000 and will be awarded to one winning application or shared between multiple winners. Please contact Sophie Stephens ( for more details.

The winner will be announced on March 7th at Ark Academy, 5pm – 6pm. Where you will also have a chance to learn more about North London Citizens and network with other local community groups working for change across the borough.


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